Which is more economical to install industrial fans or central air conditioners?




Which is more economical to install industrial fans or central air conditioners?

Summer is approaching, and the long-unopened air-conditioning and ceiling fans should start running. At this time, some customers will consider installing air-conditioning or fan in their own workshop, but which one is more energy-efficient and more applicable? Next Onfu will give you a detailed explanation:

It is estimated that the initial investment of super large industrial ceiling fan is less 3960,000 than that of central air conditioning system, the use cost in summer is less 2844,000, the maintenance cost is less 240,000, and the annual savings 7044,000. This is a large sum of money for every enterprise, so from the point of view of energy saving, it is still a cost-effective large-scale industrial ceiling fan.

Compared with the power-consuming central air-conditioning, the super-large industrial ceiling fan has its incomparable advantages in use.

◆Comfortable Natural Wind: The Ultra Large Industrial Suspension Fan of Onfu brings low-speed natural wind and all-round air flow, which provides employees with a suitable and pleasant working environment.

◆High efficiency and energy saving: 1 Onfu super large industrial ceiling fan is equivalent to 30 small fans, effectively reducing energy consumption by more than 80%.

◆Service life: In normal use, 10 years of super-long service life, low maintenance.

◆Save space: do not occupy the ground space, do not affect the ground operation and goods stacking.

◆Auxiliary smoke exhaust: All-round air circulation accelerates wet gas evaporation.

◆Auxiliary energy saving: With air conditioning, the temperature of air conditioning can be raised by 2-3 degrees to achieve energy saving effect.

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