"LX"Gearbox Industrial Fan

The new industrial large fan with high air volume and low speed has a safe diameter of 7.3 meters. It is developed and manufactured by using aerodynamic principle, which is safe, reliable and durable. It uses only 1.5KW motor to drive the airfoil fan to generate super large area simulated natural wind system, to accelerate the air circulation in large space, and to cool the body sensation in the covered area up to 5-6 degrees Celsius, to improve the working environment and to upgrade. Work efficiency, perfectly solve the problem of ventilation and cooling in large space.

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I. Product Details


Augfu Technical Specification for 'Pioneer' Series Large Industrial Fans


Propeller blades only need to rotate slowly in the air to form a continuous, silent breeze flow. Unique and efficient airfoil blades rotate slowly to generate a large amount of downward air flow, thus forming a nearly perfect propeller exhaust.

1. Model Specification Parameters

 Model Specification AF-LX-7M


operation---------------------------------------Forward turn operation

Fan diameter---------------------------------------7.3Meters

Converter disc - Aluminum alloy forged fan hub, imported American Airlines AA7075 superhard aluminum alloy, high-pressure precision forging

Fan leaf material----Adopt high strength 6063 series, one-time extrusion forming, built-in three reinforcing bars

Fan leaf---------------------------------------------------------6 tablets

Rated power------------------------------------------ 2.0 HP 1.5 kW

Installed weight---------------------------------------------------136 Kg

2. Performance specification parameters

 Performance (maximum speed) AF-LX-7M

Circulating air volume-----------------------------------15,600 CMM( m3min)

Maximum speed--------------------------------------------- 20-53 RPM

Power consumption per hour at maximum speed----------------------------------1.5 kW

Typical layout spacing---------------------------------------30 rice Meters

Maximum noise--------------------------------------------------40 Decibel

Note: * Noise value is the factory test value, and there will be slight change in each application condition. The motor is German Nord Motor, the frequency converter is Danish Danfoss brand, and the motor and frequency converter are imported brands.


3. Other specifications and parameters

Install fixtures


Standard configuration-------------------------------General clamping device for I-shaped steel beam

Concrete Beam Clamp Structure (Selection) Extension Bracket (Selection)----------------The longest is 5 meters.

Motor power   HP     ------------------------------ 2HP 1.5 kW

ambient temperature-------------------------------------20C°-+45C°

Insulation grade------------------------------------------------ F

Protection level---------------------------------------------IP 55

Work system-------------------------------------------------S 1

power factor------------------------------------------- 0.8.78


Model:Type---------------------------------------2-Stage Helical

Lubricant Maintenance Period   Service Interval---------------Shell Top Omala S4GX Synthetic Gear Oil with Extra Long Service Life

Control box(MCP)

Standard Power Configuration-------------------------------------------220V/380

Box body----------------------------------------IP55 Protection Level NEMA 1

Power Indicator Lamp-------------------------------------------Stop running status

Isolating switch-------------------------------20-25 Amp, Lockable Lockable

Switch and Speed Control Button------------------NEMA 4X -Positive Stop Reverse Installation

RF filter------------------------------Preventing interference with other equipment- Built In

Frequency Conversion Soft Start-----------Stepless Speed Regulation, Reduction and Deceleration Limitation and Minimum Speed Limitation

Frequency converter-----------------------------VLT Automation Drive 1.5KW)|380V220V

Frequency Converter Cable------------------------------- RVV3*2.5+1*1.5-----   50 Meters

The natural breeze produced by the large industrial fan of Onfu blows on the human body, promotes the evaporation of sweat to take away heat, and makes the human body cool, bringing a cool feeling. Usually, this cooling sensation can reach 5-8 degrees Celsius. Bring comfortable experience of natural wind to human body. The three-dimensional natural breeze blown by large industrial fans is more comfortable because, on the one hand, the three-dimensional blowing of the human body makes the evaporation area of the human body reach the maximum. On the other hand, human beings have accumulated a kind experience of natural wind in nature, but when a natural breeze with variable wind speed blows, the human body will naturally feel extremely comfortable and cool.


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