Pmsm Hvls Fan
Pmsm Hvls Fan

The permanent magnet industrial fan is a patented product developed by our company, with a diameter of 5-7m and a floor height of 6-20m. The motor adopts permanent magnet direct drive structure, featuring stable operation, convenient installation and delicate appearance. It can achieve high efficiency, low noise, accurate control, small and beautiful appearance when combined with a special driver. It is mainly applicable to large factories, logistics warehouses, industrial plants and other places.

The motor adopts a self-lubricating double bearing structure, which eliminates the need for regular climbing, disassembly and replacement of lubricating grease, and truly achieves maintenance free. Power 1.5KW direct drive is more energy-saving.

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Technical Specifications of Augfu 'Lingdong' Series Permanent Magnet Industrial Fan

1. Model, specification and parameters

Model and specification AF-LD-7.3M

Operation mode ------------------------ Forward running

Fan diameter ------------------------ 7.3 m

Fan blade material ------------------------ High strength 6063 series, once extruded,

Built in 3 stiffeners

Rated power ------------------------ 1.5 KW

Installed weight ------------------------ 118 KG

2. Performance specifications and parameters

Performance (at maximum speed) AF-LD-7.3M

5 wing type simulation patented blades

Fan diameter 7.3M

Speed 0-55RPM, maximum air volume 13000m ³/ min

Rated power 1.5KW, voltage 220V/380V

Noise standard: 40dB

Remarks: * The noise value is the factory test value, which will vary slightly under different application conditions

3. Other specifications and parameters

Mounting Fixings

Details and description of key components

AF-LC-7M 5-piece wing type simulation patented fan blade

Fan diameter 7.3M

Rotating speed 20-55RPM, maximum air volume 13000m ³/ min

Rated power 1.5KW

Noise standard: 40dB

Voltage 220V or 380V

Drive unit

The coaxial helical gear reducer with increased base size of Nord Germany; Shell top grade Omala S4 super long life synthetic gear oil, box automatic exhaust valve, original imported reinforced roller bearing

Standard configuration ---------------------------------- Universal I-beam clamping device

Concrete beam clamp structure (optional) Extension bracket (optional) -- up to 4m

Motor power ------------------------------ 1.5 KW

Ambient temperature -------------------------------- 20 ℃ to+45 ℃

Insulation class -------------------------------- F

IP 55

Working system ---------------------------------- S1

Control box (MCP)

Standard power supply configuration --------------------------- 220V/380

Cabinet ---------------------------------- IP55 protection class NEMA 1

RF filter ------------------------------ Prevent interference with other equipment - Built In

Variable frequency soft start ------------------------------ Stepless speed regulation, deceleration limit and minimum speed limit

Frequency converter -------------------------------- Permanent magnet integrated controller 1.5KW

Frequency converter cable ------------------------- RVV4 * 1.5 ------- 25m

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