Solutions to Natural Ventilation and Improvement of Air Environment

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Natural Ventilation and Improvement of Air Environment

In previous ventilation schemes, people often decide which products and quantity to use according to the number of ventilation in space. This is very obvious in small space. You can even see the steam in the bathroom drain out quickly with the operation of the abdominal pressure fan. But in the large enclosed space, the ventilation effect is not obvious: for example, the larger smoke and dust, humidity, carbon dioxide, poor quality air, or concentrated at the bottom of the building, roof negative pressure fans on these corners of the air has no effect, but precisely the personnel and equipment are there. Large industrial fans will promote the mixing of air in the whole space. Smoke, moisture and fungi with unpleasant odor can be well dispersed, thus improving the air quality in the city and obtaining a healthy, dry and safe working environment.
      Including dairy farm, feeding farm, hatchery and so on. Good ventilation can improve air quality, dehumidify, remove odors, and reduce the incidence of livestock. Appropriate temperature can make livestock feel comfortable, stimulate the rapid growth of livestock, thereby improving the productivity of stocked livestock, and increase the production of poultry eggs, milk and meat.


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