Large industrial fans, industrial fans, large ceiling fans, large fans, ventilation equipment, exhau




Large industrial fans, industrial fans, large ceiling fans, large fans, ventilation equipment, exhaust equipment

Guangzhou Auggfu Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of 'large industrial fans'. I hope I can have the opportunity to cooperate with you and provide a win-win project for your factory, which not only can bring practical benefits to the enterprise, but also can further improve our personal work performance!
High temperature, muggy heat, poor indoor ventilation, polluted air environment, workers are in great mood?
Air conditioning investment is huge, electricity bills multiplied, how to reduce costs?
Typical air conditioning solutions make you overwhelmed?
Global warming, energy saving and emission reduction, employee complaints, inefficiency, how to solve?
Why not try AUGFU large industrial fan?     

It is just the best solution for ventilation and cooling in large space and air circulation. Simply, a large area of cool breeze can be produced by slow rotation. The air volume is 25 times that of the traditional ceiling fan. The conflict between air conditioning and high energy consumption is thoroughly solved. With only one power consumption per hour, a comfortable and healthy working environment of more than 1000 square meters can be created.......

Second Product principle
      Augfu's fan technology is a series of products specially developed for saving energy, reducing consumption and improving the comfort of working environment. As we all know, cooling and comfort is not the only way to achieve the effect; the area of fan blowing also depends on the diameter of the fan, and has nothing to do with the speed of the fan, while the'AUGFU'industrial fan with low speed and large diameter combines these characteristics. After many years of intensive research and exploration, Engineers of Onfu have developed a kind of propeller fan blade with outstanding performance by integrating advanced aeronautical technology from abroad. It only needs to rotate slowly in the air to form a continuous, silent breeze flow. Unique and efficient airfoil blades rotate slowly to generate a large amount of downward air flow, thus forming a nearly perfect propeller exhaust. The wind speed produced by the large industrial fan of Onfu is about 2-3 m/s, which is calculated entirely according to the amount of air flowing through the human skin to produce the best cool feeling. Too strong air flow will make the human body feel hot and dry. There is a feeling of being blown directly by the wind. Excessive wind speed will make people dizzy. Only through the organic combination of surface volatilization and breeze speed, can we beautify the human body's cooling. Cool feeling.  

With the large amount of downward air flow generated by the operation of the Ultra Large Diameter Fans of the 'Onfu Leadership' series, the horizontal air flow is generated after encountering the ground, which is similar to the horizontal ground jet. The size of airflow diffusion is related to the diameter of the fan and the speed of the fan blade. If the fan runs continuously, the airflow will move outward until it encounters side walls or obstacles and then rises, thus continuously constituting the air circulation. This is the characteristic of the 'Onfu Pioneer' series of fans with such high efficiency. No matter how many small high-speed ceiling fans are, they will not produce such a large area of multi-directional airflow. Usually, 2.4-meter-diameter fans can generate horizontal airflow laminar flow at a depth of about 1 meter on the ground, while 7.2-meter-diameter fans can generate 2.8-depth horizontal airflow layer on the ground. The unique technology of 'Onfu Pioneer' series fans has a national patent for utility model technology. 

Third Scopes of Application
      Replace air conditioning, strengthen ventilation system; cool summer, spring and autumn Gospel  

In some large industrial/commercial buildings of specific industries, the series of industrial fans can be used alone. For example, some enterprises without temperature control requirements, or open places unsuitable for air conditioning installation, through the operation of the series of fans, fresh air and indoor residual air can be continuously fully mixed, and a large number of indoor air circulation driven by fans is effective. It strengthens the air circulation and completely changes the muggy and ventilated working environment. Employees can feel the cooling effect of the temperature difference of 4.5 degrees Celsius. At the same time, the total amount of indoor ventilation can also be reduced. No fan or ventilation facilities can be more efficient than it. Those exhaust fans with high energy consumption and noise can be reduced or even cancelled in many cases. A few cents an hour can drive a lot of cool airflow without disorder, the physical and mental health of employees can be guaranteed, energy consumption can be greatly reduced, so as to improve the execution of the factory and maximize the benefits of your enterprise.。

When used in conjunction with air conditioning, it can multiply the effectiveness of air conditioning. 
  In the initial stage of investment, by setting up some large industrial fans led by Aung Fu to strengthen the indoor air circulation, the air conditioning capacity can be reduced, and the layout of air ducts and ventilation devices can be reduced appropriately, so that the initial investment cost will be reduced a lot, the comfort of the environment and energy-saving indicators are also guaranteed. In summer, the temperature can also be set up properly to increase by 2.5 C, and in winter it can be lowered by 2.5 C. In winter-summer alternating Spring-Autumn season or in summer night working time, only running the 'Onfu-led' fan alone is enough to ensure its comfort, thus saving the operating cost of air conditioning by at least 16-20%, while releasing more electricity to alleviate the power shortage. In addition, reducing the running time of air-conditioning system also means reducing the maintenance cost of air-conditioning equipment and prolonging the service life of equipment.
Recycling of idle heat sources in winter is like spring  

Moreover, in winter, the series of industrial fans of 'Ongfu Pioneer' can also run in reverse, which can improve the uneven heat flow and temperature stratification in the building facilities, drive off the hot air drifting over the roof, and be used in the work area where employees need heat. In winter, the temperature difference between the roof and the ground can reach above 8 C, so the cost savings will be more obvious, which can reduce our energy consumption and achieve twice the result with half the effort. 
       Fourth characteristics      

Find back the feeling of'Spring like Four Seasons'! 
· Coolness is more important than temperature, so it is worthy to award the energy saving prize to Onfu's leading fan. It increases the size of the fan and stops the growth of electricity. That is to say, you dispel the worry of increasing electricity charges. The super-large size fan drives all-round gas flow (not just below the fan), which is really satisfying to everyone.
· In addition to cooling in summer and heat cycling in winter, Onfu Pioneer also strengthens air flow and controls air condensation on the ground or metal roof. It is a very economical air conditioning program that can make your working environment cleaner, more comfortable and safer. Additionally, the minimal power consumption of the fans helps to reduce your energy costs to the maximum you want and within your affordability.
· In the radius range of 18 meters in the fan center, the fan with the maximum diameter of 7 200 mm can produce a cooling effect of at least 4.5.
· With the same power consumption, the air circulation capacity of the 'Onfu Legend' series fans is 12 times that of the traditional high-speed ceiling fans.
· When combined with the air conditioning system, it can reduce the configuration of air conditioning facilities, air ducts, terminal devices and power load.
· In the heating season, the 'Onfu-led' fan can maximize the use of heat in the upper and inner layers of tall buildings, and get the maximum heating effect with the least energy consumption.
· The operating cost of an 'Onf-led' series of fans per hour is only a few cents.
· The operation of large capacity and low speed, connected with 1 to 2 horsepower motor frequency conversion drive, makes the fan so efficient and silent.

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