Effectiveness of Installing Industrial Large Ceiling Fan




Body cooling

The natural breeze generated by the large energy-saving fan blows on the human body, promoting the evaporation of sweat to take away heat, and cooling the human body, bringing a cool feeling. Usually, this cooling sensation can reach 5-8 degrees Celsius. Aung Fu pioneered the three-dimensional natural breeze blown by large industrial fans, which is more comfortable because, on the one hand, the three-dimensional blowing of the human body makes the evaporation area of the human body reach the maximum. On the other hand, human beings have accumulated a kind experience of natural wind in nature, but when a natural breeze with variable wind speed blows, the human body will naturally feel extremely comfortable and cool.


Air circulation
       In previous ventilation schemes, people often decide which products and quantity to use according to the number of ventilation in space. This is very obvious in small space. You can even see the steam in the bathroom drain out quickly with the operation of the abdominal pressure fan. But in the large enclosed space, the ventilation effect is not obvious: for example, the larger smoke, moisture, carbon dioxide, poor quality air, or concentrated at the bottom of the building, roof negative pressure fans on these corners of the air has no effect, but precisely the personnel and equipment are there. Aung Fu's large-scale industrial fan will promote the mixing of air in the whole space. It can disperse smoke, moisture and fungi with unpleasant odor, so as to improve the air quality in the city and obtain a healthy, dry and safe working environment.


Environmental dehumidification
       If the ventilation and cooling conditions in buildings are poor, the quality of products may be reduced, and even a lot of losses and waste may be caused! In addition, some materials will become the first object of complaint once they are damped and deformed. To prevent air condensation, reduce bacteria and mildew, super industrial fans significantly enhance air flow and thus control air condensation on the ground or metal surface, can make your working environment more clean, dry, comfortable and safe. Drive out the birds that enter the room by mistake to ensure the internal sanitation of tall buildings.

Elimination of thermal and cold stratification

According to the principle of logistics, we know that: in a closed space, every one meter rise in height, the temperature load rises by 1-2 degrees Celsius, which means that it is very difficult to warm the ground in a large space.
      The heat is concentrated on the top of the building, but the ground can not reach the desired temperature. The Onfu Pioneer HVLS fans can easily help you solve this problem: only by running large industrial ceiling fans at low speed, their huge blades can drive a large amount of air, slow heat to the ground, thus eliminating stratification.

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