How should large industrial fans be purchased?




How should large industrial fans be purchased?

Industrial large fan is a large industrial fan with a diameter of 7.3 meters. The area blown by the fan is directly related to the diameter of the fan. Large industrial fan covers a large area, is easy to clean, solves the problem of noise and energy consumption. The wind blown out is just like the natural breeze system. It is the best cool feeling of the human skin with the air volume of 1-3m/s. Employees can feel the temperature difference effect of 5-8 degrees, so that employees can have a comfortable working environment in hot summer, thus improving production efficiency. Four criteria need to be recognized when selecting and purchasing industrial fans.

1. The greater the speed of the fan, the better the power. The higher the speed, the greater the wind power and the better the heat dissipation function. But high speed will cause high vibration, and noise will follow, and the higher the speed, the fan service life also has a great impact, when purchasing only according to the calorific value of the product to choose.

2. This point is often overlooked by users when choosing. Many miscellaneous fans with poor quality are used for a period of time. Because of the serious wear and tear of bearings, they produce a lot of noise, which not only affects the life of fans, but also upsets you when using them. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose brand-name products with good quality, not because a little price difference is small. Industrial fans use high strength aluminium alloy wheels, so that industrial fans have a good balance, will not produce noise. Nowadays, some middle and high-grade fans adopt ball design. Like the axle of bicycle, it reduces friction and improves speed by rolling the ball, but its noise is greater than that of bearing fans.

3. For example, the bigger the power of the light bulb, the brighter the louder the speaker, the stronger the power of the fan, the stronger the natural wind, and the better the heat dissipation function. Although in theory, the greater the power, the better, but this point is not enough, we still need to combine the material and working principle of the fan to compare comprehensively.

4. There are two kinds of fans on the market: aluminium and copper. Industrial fan blades adopt Belgian original imported aeronautical special high strength magnesium-aluminium alloy, which enhances the corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance of the fan blades, can cope with special environmental operations, and has excellent ventilation, and can effectively solve the ventilation problem of factory buildings.


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