What are the advantages of large industrial fans?




 What are the advantages of large industrial fans?

1. It can reduce the temperature in the workshop, improve the ventilation and improve the working efficiency.
       2. Onfu pioneered large industrial ceiling fans with large leaves. Because they are hanging type, they can solve the space for placement, and also have a wide range of wind, low rotational speed, environmental protection and good node performance, which bring a slight chill to the color of summer. Aung Fu pioneered the installation of large industrial fans is relatively simple, good lubrication performance, long service life, better quality parts, almost no need to replace parts. Aung Fu pioneered the decoration of large industrial fans, which is firm, not easy to fall off, and very safe.
      3. In addition, Onfu pioneered the appearance of large industrial fans with rain-proof performance. It can prevent rainwater from entering. Rainwater also makes it easy for Aung Fu to create large industrial fans for embroidery. Aung Fu pioneered a noise-proof system for large industrial fans, which is very good and does not cause inconvenient sounds. Aung Fu pioneered a large industrial fan that kept turning, so the dust would not be absorbed on it. It was very clean.

       Which venues are suitable for Onfu to lead large industrial fans?
       1. Super-large workshop: such as mechanical processing plant, automobile repair plant, aircraft assembly plant, shipyard and all other large workshop. The large-scale industrial fan led by Aung Fu has the advantages of high ventilation efficiency, slow and stable wind speed. It makes workers feel cool and does not blow the workpiece. Comfortable environment can make people feel happy, thus effectively improving labor productivity.  
       2. Large Logistics Warehouse and Distribution Center: Onfu pioneered a large industrial fan to improve air quality, drive moisture away, and prevent the storage of goods from corrosion and decay. It can also enable employees to enjoy a comfortable working environment and reduce the error rate of sending, receiving and transporting goods.
       3. Shopping malls, gymnasiums, stations, airports and other large public buildings: Onfu pioneered a large industrial fan to promote air circulation, dispel odors, create a comfortable shopping and viewing environment, and increase sales.
       4. Large-scale farms: including dairy farms, feeding farms, hatcheries and so on. Aung Fu pioneered a large industrial fan with good ventilation, which can improve air quality, dehumidify, remove odors and reduce the incidence of livestock. Appropriate temperature can make livestock feel comfortable, stimulate the rapid growth of livestock, thereby improving the productivity of stocked livestock, and increase the production of poultry eggs, milk and meat.

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