Instructions and Common Notices for Industrial Fans




Instructions and Common Notices for Industrial Fans

Introduction of Large Industrial Fans and Some Notices     

Large industrial fan with a maximum diameter of 7.3 meters! Streamlined fan blades manufactured with aerodynamic principles and advanced technology can drive a large amount of air with only 1.5 KW, and produce a super large area of natural breeze system, which has dual functions of ventilation and cooling. Compared with traditional HVAC and small high-speed fan, it has incomparable application advantages and can be regarded as the perfect solution for ventilation and cooling in large space. With 5 blades, the covering area can reach 1200 square meters.  

In order to ensure the service life of industrial fans, simple daily maintenance and inspection should be carried out during the use of industrial fans.

1. Industrial fan is a high-speed running component. Lubrication oil mark must be checked before starting, and oil level should be on the red line.
       2. Start-up mode of industrial fan is the key to ensure safe operation. Special attention: Start and stop should be under no-load conditions. Start-up shall be carried out in accordance with the following requirements:
      A. There is no sticking phenomenon in hand plate negative pressure fan.
      B. Open the vent valve. When starting for the first time, the valve of aeration pipe should also be opened.
      C. Industrial fans start with specially designed starter box (self-lotus root or soft starter);
      D. Industrial fans should start slowly closing the vent valve after reaching the rated speed, and adjust the aeration control valve to the required position according to the aeration requirement until all the vent valves are closed.
      E. After the normal operation of industrial fans, the temperature of bearing parts should exceed the specifications, and should generally be less than 50-60 C. Failure to start in the above way may result in overload of negative pressure fan and burnout of negative pressure fan. Turning off the negative pressure fan should be carried out according to the reverse procedure, that is, opening the vent valve slowly, then closing the negative pressure fan. Failure to meet the requirements, sudden shutdown may cause pool water backfilling into the negative pressure fan, causing damage to the negative pressure fan.

      3. Install anechoic ducts and mufflers in the air inlet when using industrial fans. If it is used for water industry fans, the cooling water should be turned on in advance, then the cooling water should be shut down after shutdown, so as to keep running under good cooling regulation.

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