Solutions to Dehumidification and Hygroscopicity in Food Processing and Storage Workshops




Solution of dehumidification and moisture reduction in food processing and storage workshop

 Frequent rainfall in rainy season every year will cause great trouble to our industrial factories. Many factories find that the air in their workshop warehouses becomes very humid. The humid air has different effects on the products of most industries. In the production process, if the humidity in the workshop is too high, the products will be damped. In order to dehumidify quickly and effectively, besides damp-proof dehumidifier, industrial large ceiling fan is also an equipment for dehumidification. This equipment not only saves energy and protects the environment, but also dehumidifies the humid air quickly. It is a popular anti-humidity equipment in industrial production at present.
      In order to avoid damp hazards and ensure the environment of production workshop and storage stock, the quality of products can be improved only by solving the humidity of production environment. Industrial large ceiling fans can dry the production environment, improve the production efficiency and improve the quality of products. At present, large industrial ceiling fans have been widely used in super workshop, workshop, food warehouse, farm and so on. All these industries need a suitable humidity environment to produce and stock.
     The unique airfoil design of Onfu Pioneer series industrial large ceiling fans reduces the air resistance to a small extent during operation, and converts the electric energy into the kinetic energy of air with high efficiency. Through the strong air agitation ability, a large amount of air is pushed vertically to the ground to form a 1-3 m air layer on the ground, thus forming a super-large coverage area not limited to the fan. In the open space, the effective coverage area of a series of large industrial ceiling fans led by Onfu can reach 1200_.


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