Noise Sources of Industrial Fans




Noise Sources of Industrial Fans
      Large-scale industrial fan is a kind of common industrial machine which is widely used in industrial workshop, logistics warehousing, waiting room, exhibition hall, gymnasium, Shangchao and so on. It is a kind of space ventilation and personnel cooling machine. Large industrial fans can push a large amount of airflow to the ground, forming a certain height of the horizontal movement of the stratosphere on the ground, thus contributing to the overall air cycle, such advantages lie in the omni-directional ground coverage and the three-dimensional circulation of air. However, noise is bound to occur in the work of large industrial fans in factories. Today, Onfu Environmental Science and Technology summarizes several reasons for noise of large industrial fans for you.

Wind noise
       When a large industrial fan works, the blade periodically bears the impulsive force of the uneven flow at the outlet and produces noise; on the other hand, because of the uneven distribution of the pressure on the blade itself and on the blade, the disturbance of the surrounding gas and parts during rotation also constitutes rotational noise; on the other hand, the turbulent boundary layer, the separation of vortices and vortices caused by the gas flow passing through the blade cause the blade pressure. The fluctuation of force distribution produces eddy current noise. The noise caused by these three reasons can be comprehensively called 'wind shear noise'. Generally, large industrial fans with large air volume and pressure have larger wind shear noise.

      Assuming that the physical center of mass and the inertia center of the rotating shaft are not on the same axis when the rotor of a large industrial fan rotates, the unbalance of the rotor will be caused. The closest distance between the physical center of mass and the inertia center of the rotating shaft is called eccentricity. The unbalance of the rotor results in eccentricity. When the rotor rotates, the centrifugal force acts on the support of the rotating shaft to form vibration, and the vibration is transmitted to all parts of the machine through the basic path.

Extraordinary sound
      Wind noise sounds only pure wind sound, but different sound is different. When a large industrial fan is running, if there are other sounds besides wind sound, it can be judged that the industrial fan has abnormal sound. Foreign sound may occur due to foreign body or deformation in the bearing, as well as improper assembly and collision, or uneven winding winding of the motor, resulting in loosening, may produce foreign sound.

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