Is it safe to install large industrial fans overhead?




Is it safe to install large industrial fans overhead?

As we all know, industrial fans are widely used in factory buildings, especially in the hot summer days. The use of industrial fans undoubtedly brings a trace of cool to people. But in the use process, sometimes people will be worried about unsafe, at this time Xiaobian will tell you to rest assured that use, because our industrial fans in the safety ring and structure design meticulous, whether in low-speed, high-speed or medium-speed swing has its certain protection! Let's have a look.
      1. Safety Ring:When accidents occur, it plays a protective role and prevents any parts from sliding.

      2. L-shaped safety ring of fan blade: prevent the blade from breaking off separately, and reconnect all the fan blades into a whole structure.
      3. Fasteners: all fasteners are up to 8.8 grade high-strength industrial bolts, the actual stress is more than 10 times, at the same time with the     fastener to prevent loosening, and install anti-loosening self-locking nuts and toothed anti-falling pads;
      4. Steel wire traction: the stress intensity of each steel wire cable can reach 1000KG, and multiple protections are set at each connecting point to prevent the fan from shaking under the influence of external forces.
      5. Strong connectivity: fan and building structure are connected by universal joints to reduce vibration and displacement to the building structure.
With these five guarantees, you can use them safely. However, Xiaobian would like to remind you about the speed problem, the speed, power, air volume and noise of industrial fans are proportional, that is to say, the higher the speed, power and air volume of industrial fans, the greater the noise, the better the cooling effect of local ventilation, so before using, we should also pay attention to the speed, power, air volume, noise and other parameters. Oh
      Guangzhou Ongfu Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to research and development, production and sales of large-scale intelligent energy-saving fans, and cooperates with NORD Germany to develop a new type of energy-saving and environmental protection integrated motor as our company's customized motor for industrial energy-saving fans. After market application demonstration, this motor has higher reliability, safety and strength. For more information about industrial fans, please contact us.


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